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Added Date : 29-06-2018

While the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Aksaray Commodity Exchange jointly organized the June Parliamentary Meeting, two important non-governmental organizations of the business world were locked in for Aksaray.

Meeting held in Melendiz Hotel Aksaray Commodity Exchange Chairman Hamit Özkök, Parliament Speaker Nurettin Construct, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş, Parliament Speaker Fatih Tekin and Chamber Members of the Chambers and Stock Exchanges participated.

Commodity Exchange President Nurettin Construct who made the opening speech of the meeting; "Depending on Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Commodity Exchanges of the city's industry, trade, agriculture and is committed to bring the animal to the highest point. In this sense, we will work for Aksaray by clamping under the roof of unity and solidarity, as it was before. "

ATSO Assembly President Fatih Tekin'de unity and together in emphasizing the importance of the statement, "The election period which ended with the elections of the President and the Deputies which started with our Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in our country ended on 24 June. Over the next period of time everyone's task is to produce projects for my city and to be the supporters of these projects. The Room and the Stock Exchange have contributed dozens of projects to Aksaray to date and Aksaray has become the two recognized institutions. I hope we will produce much better projects with common sense, and we will act in an effort to make Aksaray the best in the region. "

Cuneyt Göktaş, Chairman of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry; "We are building the city of your future in Aksaray, starting from our vision, and from now on, our task is to work with our common mind in our country and in our region to ensure that Aksaray is an example, to produce and to market our produce. Today, the main issue that our region and our country need in order to reach the goals of 2023, which is one of the most important trade centers, is going to this direction. We need to export our export figures, which are around 80-90 million dollars, to 400 million dollars without adding our companies which are headquartered in Istanbul. We must market our worldwide products, which should produce projects with particular emphasis on ARGE work. Aksaray leading company in the business world who believe in Aksaray Chamber of Commerce as Chairman of the Board of Directors shall enter into the railway become active Aksaray, Turkey's largest industrial city 10 along with. There is no obstacle for this not to happen. The only obstacle is the railroad, and in that case, we will get out of hand as soon as possible with the cooperation of our civil society organizations and our government administrators. As long as we are members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Commodity Exchange, let's become the followers and pioneers of this project. I want you to know that you are the ones who will shape your future with your company's animal husbandry being your successful example in Aksaray. In this sense, thank you once again for your participation in our joint parliamentary meeting here for our city here today, I greet you with respect and love.

Aksaray Commodity Exchange Chairman Hamit Özkök explained that Aksaray is growing in every field and underlining that he has much greater responsibilities over it. "Turkey's Industry, Agriculture and Livestock, the most important result to show growth between provinces with projects located in Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of our city has doubled fold responsibility on all of us. From now on, we all have to serve Aksaray by working more efficiently and willingly. Our Chamber of Hotels and Commodity Brokers are leading the trade of the city. The bigger projects we will gain by moving to Aksaray with our Rooms and Balls are definitely going to be. The most important thing here is to build the future of Aksaray with common unity and mind. Turkey Located in the heart of our city as a strategic location of Turkey 2023 Agriculture, Animal Industry and are going to be in this will occur only with unity. Our rooms and our brokers are the leading organizations in the vision and vision of the city. Not to forget that the countries in the world today Cities vying we will try to do well in this race will be the first 10 Aksaray in Turkey's largest island as Aksaray "he said.