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Added Date : 01-03-2019

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the members of the Assembly of the Aksaray Commerce Exchange Melendiz Hotel held in a joint meeting held in the hotel.

ATSO Assembly President Fatih Tekin, Chairman of the Board Cüneyt Göktaş, Commodity Exchange Assembly Speaker Nurettin Yapılcan, Chairman of the Board of Directors Hamit Özkök and Council Members participated in the meeting and decisions were taken for Aksaray's future.

While making decisions about the future of Aksaray in the meeting, increasing the quality of education of the University among these decisions, the low number of projects supporting IPARD and Rural Development, the introduction of water from the external watersheds in the field of Agricultural Irrigation, the urban transformation and revision of the zoning plan, and the administrators in public institutions and organizations. active work and acceleration of bureaucracy, parking problem caused by heavy traffic in our city, lack of tourism in our city and lack of publicity, our children who are tomorrow will be taken away from bad habits and directed to sports activities, finishing the infrastructure problem of the 3rd expansion area in OIZ as soon as possible, railway Many problems and problems such as the need for Aksaray to be brought to the table were consulted on the proposals for solutions.

ATSO and the Commodity Exchange Members invited all the administrators of the city to the public mind, especially for politicians.

The members of the Assembly stated that they would meet with the administrators of the city as soon as possible by the decision they made at the meeting, and that Aksaray needed to run, not to walk.