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Added Date : 26-02-2020

Aksaray General Manager Uğur Arslan, Deputy General Manager Tülay Enekci, Deputy Revenue Manager Mustafa Baysal, Chief Executive Officer Lokman Mucur visited the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cüneyt Göktaş, President of the Assembly Fatih Tekin, Deputy Chairman Ahmet Kulak Celebrated the Tax Week of Council Member Gürsel Özkan and Board Members.

Expressing that Aksaray Business World has always done its part in Tax Payments, Uğur Arslan thanked ATSO President Göktaş for his work and contributions to Aksaray.

Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of the Board of ATSO, who stated that they are happy to host the Notebook of Delegations at ATSO, said the statement regarding the visit; “I would like to thank our Aksaray Notebook, Uğur Arslan and the delegation accompanying them for their visit as part of the Tax Week.

The biggest income source of all states in the world consists of tax items. With these taxes, services to meet the needs of citizens are carried out and efforts are made to lead a peaceful life. At this point, every individual, including us, needs to be conscious and knowledgeable about tax. Development of our country, the importance of tax to be developed and more beautiful Turkey is also increasing that much. For this, our tax office and every institution has a duty. With these thoughts, I would like to thank our tax office and its employees, who contribute to the financial and social structure of our country by collecting tax revenues, which are the engine of our economy, in the presence of our Notebook. ”