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Added Date : 24-03-2023

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ahmet Koçaş stated that while the deliveries will start by the end of the month, there is a serious application from Aksaray. “Our domestic pride, TOGG, which was started in our country by Turkey's Automobile Initiative Group and planned to be on the roads by April, has reached 41 thousand applications by breaking the order record in the past few days. While the T10X V1 RWD version with a range of 314 kilometers was opened for pre-order at a price of 953 thousand liras, the T10X V2 RWD version received pre-orders for 1 million 55 thousand liras, and the 523 kilometer range version of this model received pre-orders for 1 million 215 thousand liras. With the digital lottery system to be held in the presence of a notary on March 28, the pre-order owners will be determined, and the deliveries of our domestic car will be made in a short time. According to the information we received in Aksaray, which has claimed every product produced locally and nationally, a high percentage of our citizens have applied. We will be honored to see TOGG on Aksaray roads in the coming months and our domestic car will be used by many of our citizens in our city. The electric vehicle charging station of our Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also for the use of our members, and our members and citizens with TOGG vehicles will be able to charge their vehicles from our room. In this sense, we wish our domestic and national vehicle TOGG to be beneficial to our country once again and hope to see hundreds of TOGGs on the roads of Aksaray."