Added Date : 23-03-2017

Ahmet Koçaş, Chairman of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that he made a statement regarding the issue; Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi gave us the good news that they started working for green passports in the past months in order to exporters.

As of yesterday, we have found this gospel place and our exporter companies have formalized green passport facility. The decision of the Council of Ministers on the issuance of green passports with a certain number of different stamps, which vary according to the export amounts, has been published in the Official Gazette, according to the representatives of our exporting firms whose annual average exports are over USD 1 million as of the last 3 calendar years.

Our Ministry of Economy will inform the regional directorates and exporter associations by setting companies within 15 days. According to the "Decision on Basis for Issuance of a Passport for Exporters" stamped by the Council of Ministers on the occasion of the work done, the annual average exports for the last 3 calendar years are 10 million dollars (including 10 million dollars) Companies with between $ 25 million and $ 25 million, $ 50 million with more than $ 50 million, $ 100 million with $ 4 million, $ 100 million with stamped passports. We are very happy that this issue which is of great importance in terms of our exporting companies will have a positive result. On behalf of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board and Aksaray Business World, we thank you for your passion and passion for the green passport for the exporters that they have spent their life with.