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Added Date : 29-11-2018

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ordinary Assembly Meeting held every month, Aksaray Governor Ali Mantı became a guest.

Fatih Tekin, the President of the Assembly, thanked the Governor Ali Mantı for his participation in the meeting held in the ATSO Assembly Hall. Dün Ali Mantı, who has been appointed to our province with the Decree of Governors over the past weeks, has already begun to take the throne in hearts with the warm interest shown to our citizens and business world since the day he started his office. So far, our biggest goal is our goal and "the future of Turkey's industrial city of Aksaray" We will continue to progress with the common sense of power. We would like to thank Mr. Valimize for the work on behalf of our business world. Bu

OSB Board of Directors and Business World together with very successful projects and studies that will sign ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş'da speech; Dır With our governor, we believe that our OSB Board of Directors will perform very successful works for the future of our business world and at the same time we will take part in every effort to support and support Aksaray in our city. Although it is very short period of time, it has shown to public that it will work for Aksaray as non-stop business. We thank Mr. Valerie at this point in debt. We salute him in the name of our business world Val.

Underlining that he works for the Aksaray Business World and Aksaray People, Aksaray Governor Ali Mantı has always expressed his readiness to work together and make successful works in this city, and wished success in his work to Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber representatives.

After the meeting, ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş and Parliament Speaker Fatih Tekin presented the Aksaray Municipal Sports Jersey and Grand Mosque Model with ATSO Logo.