Added Date : 27-02-2017

ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Ismail Başer and Parliament Member Mustafa Çalışkan attended a meeting attended by the representatives of the Insurance Agencies expressed their problems and suggestions for solutions.

Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Association Insurance Agencies Executive Committee Chairman Hüseyin Kasap with teleconferencing method While participating in the meeting welcomed by the Agency owners, ATSO President Koçaş made a statement that; We have gathered here today with you to discuss the problems and solutions to the insurance sector of our province. Our city, which is in a rapidly growing city, is naturally developing in the insurance sector as well. That is why the meeting we are doing today is one more time. As you are the people in the industry, you will have problems that will lead you and solutions will be ahead of the difficulties you have experienced in the sector.

Today, there are 61 insurance agencies registered in our province, about 40 of them are active. In Aksaray, we are a company representing every sector in every field in the industry and we have to find solutions for each sector's troubles because we are in trouble. We need you here too, and we are consulting by mutual exchange of views. "

The Chairman of TOBB Insurance Agencies Executive Committee, Hüseyin Kasap, talked about the teleconference method and talked about the problems and solutions in general.

 Huseyin Kasap, Head of the Executive Committee of TOBB Insurance Agencies, who provides information on Underground Commission Application, Compulsory Traffic Disconnection of All Agencies Registered to All Plants, Incorporation into KOSGEP, Unfair Termination and Competition with Banks, underlines that the Government has addressed many problems for the sector and stated that some studies are being conducted .