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Added Date : 09-07-2018

Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association of Insurance Agents, depending on the Aksaray Aydogan Delegates Haji Ismail Lutfi and Bashar was the last time that executive Vice President of ACCI.

Haci Ismail Başer and Lütfi Aydoğan, who took 31 of the 44 games used in the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, were used by the insurance agencies while they were intensely interested. Aksaray's insurance agents became provincial delinquents.

Başer, who made a statement at the end of the election, "I am deeply grateful to the authorities of all our agencies for their interest and support in the selection of the Provincial Delegates of our Insurance Agencies.

We will solve the problems of our industry which will work to ensure that our insurance industry is in a better place in our city, acting by common sense.

Insurance is generally perceived as a system that guarantees only the risks and ensures that the damage that occurs when a risk takes place. However, due to a number of features it has, the insurance system fulfills a number of important tasks in the economy.

First of all, what matters is a serious source of savings. Savings in economic development are bigger. But economies are not high in per capita income in developing countries.

A large part of the population is low in income. As such, the measures to be taken to reduce consumption and increase savings are unlikely to succeed in this segment. Then there must be other institutions that will increase savings.

Looking at the economic system, there are three ways in which savings can be invested. The first way is the banking system, the second is the system of capital markets. The third way of turning savings into investment is the insurance system. In this sense, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who supports us by underlining that we will work continuously to represent such an important sector. "