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Added Date : 11-04-2022

In Aksaray, which has one of the 10 largest Organized Industrial Zones in Turkey, the investments made in the textile sector in recent years contribute greatly to the city's branding.

The fact that the world's largest textile brands are producing in Aksaray and that LC Waikiki, which is Turkey's largest investment, will build its new headquarters in Aksaray in 2020 points out that the Textile Center will soon be in Aksaray.

Emphasizing that Aksaray will become the Heart of the Textile Industry with the activation of District Organized Industrial Zones, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board Cüneyt Göktaş, in his statement; “Every year, the investments and investment decisions made in the textile sector in our city's Organized Industrial Zone make our business world smile. Today, the world's and Turkey's giant brands producing in Aksaray and making new investment decisions clearly show that Aksaray is the new attraction center of the industry. As it is known, although cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, Denizli and Uşak come to the fore when it comes to textiles throughout our country, Aksaray has come close to these cities and even managed to get ahead of them with the investments made in recent years. Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Export Support Office received from TİM, the export figures of Aksaray, our province, increased by 103.7% compared to January of the previous year and reached $25.03 million. When the March of previous years is taken as a reference, exports set a new record. The first three sectors, which grew by percentage compared to March of the previous year, were textile, ready-made clothing and ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries. It can be seen from these figures that the Textile Industry in Aksaray, which has one of the largest OIZs in Turkey, is growing every year and is rapidly advancing towards becoming the new textile center of Turkey.