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Added Date : 10-04-2017

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference Room "Working Life and Women", Ak Party Group Deputy Vice President Aksaray Deputy İlknur İNCEÖZ, Labor and Social Security Ministry General Director Nurcan ÖNDER, ATSO Vice President Murat Koyuncu, ATSO Vice President İsmail Başer, After the summit, ATSO İŞKUR service point was opened, while Mahmut Akkuş, Director of İŞKUR, Directors of Public Institutions and Organizations and a large number of Women NGOs were present.

Nurcan ÖNDER, ATSO Vice President Murat Koyuncu, Vice President of ATSO İsmail Başer, İŞKUR Director Mahmut Akkus, after the Summit of Women, made a statement after the opening of the Kurdelesini AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Deputy Aksaray Deputy İlknur İNCEOZ, General Director of Labor and Social Security Ministry.

Murat Koyuncu, Deputy Chairman of ATSO, explained that he made; After the Women Summit organized with the cooperation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Aksaray Governorship, Social Security Institution, İŞKUR, KOSGEB, Trade Exchange, Aksaray Entrepreneurial Business Women's Association and Odamız, we made the opening of İŞKUR Service Point.

 During the Women's Summit, presentations were made on İŞKUR programs and incentives while discussing the problems in working and social life, as well as projects for increasing the employment of women and entrepreneurial business women.

 The topics that will enable our women to take a more active role in their business life were discussed. As Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we give importance to our women and we want to see more women among us as the leading enterprise of business world. That's why we allocate more quotas to our entrepreneurship courses.

İŞKUR At our service Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry will actively serve our members and citizens in our services and contribute to the National Mobilization in the Working Life initiated by the leadership of our President. I wish that İŞKUR service point we have opened in ATSO be good ".