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Added Date : 10-01-2018

ATSO President Koçaş stated that the official gazette was published and that the new regulation tariff was effective as of 8 January. "The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has made various regulations in the K-type authorization certificates to provide control of commercial vehicles across the country.

 While K1 Certificate was 24 Thousand 435 TL, it was decreased to TRY 10 Thousand while K2 Certificate was 12 Thousand 280 TL and TRY 10 Thousand while K3 Certificate was TRY 12.282. K2 * documents will be exempted from the 75% exemption. In addition to these, the price of the vehicle attachments in the price tariffs has been increased to 300 TL. Particularly in the application of tonnage in the face of our citizens and our companies in K1 documents, 50 tons capacity condition has been introduced for legal persons whose tonnage has been reduced to 25 tons in real persons. The tonnage application in the K3 Certificates has been reduced from 45 tones to 35 tons.

In the renewal process, the period of criminal proceedings was increased from 271 days to 540 days. Vehicle card fees taken during the renewal of the vehicles that were dropped due to inspections, reinstatement and authorization documents were also decreased from 140 TL to 60 TL. I wish the price reductions of the amendments to the regulation to be beneficial. "