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Added Date : 04-05-2018

KOSGEB initiated an informative meeting within the scope of the support initiated for Kobilere in Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference Hall.

ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş, KOSGEB Provincial Director Hakan Koçak and ATSO Members participated.

Speaking at the opening speech of the information meeting, ATSO President Göktaş underlined that not enough projects and supports were used in Aksaray; "I would like to thank all our colleagues, especially Hakan Koçak, our KOSGEB manager, who has been involved in the organization of this program first, and I salute you with respect in my name and on behalf of the Board of Directors for your participation in our program.

Our government provides many support to small and medium sized enterprises in order to increase their share in the economy and their activities in line with the national and international goals of the country.

One of them is KOBIGEL supports that the competitiveness of SMEs and the added value that they provide are raised and the projects they are preparing for are supported.

I want to draw attention to a few things here. Unfortunately, we are not able to benefit much from the possibilities that our state has offered throughout our city. Our goal is to make sure that Aksaray's business world generates much more projects and benefits from these supports. In this sense we will be with you. Another point is that during the previous week, we prepared a package that will cost about 20 to 24 billion TL for ourselves, again, without our custody. This package, which will bring the real sector to life, will include the provision of unpaid debts before March 31, 2018, disputed receivables related to the tax will also be included in the scope of the law and the provision of tax premium will be ensured, the opportunity regarding tax for the past 5 years will be provided, the ease with which all the taxpayers who follow the tax, the stock pardon that is expected in the market, will be very supportive in the business world because the taxpayers are in stocks and regulations about those not in their registers (with assets) will be made. In this sense, in order to take advantage of the deduction from your government, our members and business world will have to pay their debts within 36 months of applying until the end of July. In addition, if there is a payment in advance, there will be some discounts in this application, and citizens who have not paid in advance will close the account by paying only 10% of the default interest. I would like to thank our government in the presence of you for this package which will be of utmost benefit to you. Thank you once again for your participation, wishing that our informative meeting would be beneficial. "

After the speech of ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş, KOSGEB Provincial Director of Aksaray Hakan Koçak gave a comprehensive informative presentation about KOBIGEL support and ended the meeting.