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Added Date : 21-03-2023

ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş, Vice President Tuğrul Kalkan, Aksaray Municipality Zoning Manager Tayfun Ağca, Aksaray Contractors Association President at the same time ATSO Board Member Fatih Güneş, Aksaray Chamber of Civil Engineers President İsmail Murat Doğan, Aksaray Chamber of Architects President Ayhan Şahin, Aksaray Chamber of Geological Engineers President Tayfun Aydın and representatives of many building inspection companies participated in the consultation meeting, while important issues related to the building sector were discussed, ideas were exchanged for safe and healthy buildings in Aksaray.

ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş, who made the opening speech of the meeting, said, “As a result of the meetings we had with our friends in the board of directors regarding the structure of our Aksaray, we visited 3 provinces 3 times after the earthquake and discussed the problems we experienced there with our friends, our municipality, our chamber of geological engineers, our chamber of civil engineers. , we wanted to hold a consultation meeting with our chamber of architects, our contractors association and our building inspection companies. Our gathering here today will make positive contributions to the future for Aksaray to have safe and healthy structures. We will convey the decisions and suggestions to be made at the end of these meetings to the necessary institutions and relevant authorities. I wish this meeting to be beneficial for our city," he said.

Making the general evaluation of the meeting, ATSO Vice President Tuğrul Kalkan said; “I wish that our consultation meeting, where we came together for healthy and safe buildings in Aksaray, will be beneficial for our city and our construction industry. We know that the need for shelter is as important as the need for food and drink. Our people also need shelters where they can feel safe and secure. That's why today, we have presented our solution proposals by addressing the structures and problems in Aksaray as the cornerstones of the industry. First of all, when we look at our meeting in general, it was revealed that the constructions in Aksaray were generally carried out in accordance with the rules. Aksaray Municipality and our Building Inspection Firms carry out the controls in accordance with the rules and do not allow even the smallest detail that could cause problems for our contractors and put the building at risk. However, when we look at the problems expressed by our Chambers and Building Inspection firms, it is clear that the construction site supervisors in Aksaray should be more active and the construction inspection companies should address the construction supervisors. Soil liquefaction, that is, due to the high water level in Aksaray, should be given more importance to soil improvements and establishing a laboratory in Aksaray to conduct soil tests, training the masters working in the constructions on columns and beams, at the same time avoiding damage to the columns in the installation processes, especially electricity, from the building stock. Buildings should be inspected every 5 years due to this reason, urban transformation should be carried out in the buildings that are deemed necessary, absolutely nothing on the fault lines, taking all necessary precautions in close distances, giving importance to the institutionalization of the subcontractor companies in order to create their identities, making the foundation and curtain insulation regularly, less Suggestions such as creating cantilevered structures, training contractors and subcontractors on occupational health and safety were discussed. Our meeting, which we held for the first time, was extremely productive for Aksaray and a consensus was reached on the point of deciding the suggestions that emerged by holding the meetings twice more. In this sense, I wish that our consultation meeting, which is important for our city and brings together all the stakeholders of our construction sector, will be beneficial.”

In his speech, Aksaray Municipality Zoning Director Tayfun Ağca said; “Consultation is an important issue, and the issues discussed should not be just words. The business here is the topic of this meeting, which is purely technical, and sometimes it is important not to discuss it and to be correct. It is really important to have open consultation and communication. I believe that problems will be solved more quickly if we are in contact. At this point, I would like to thank those who contributed to this meeting by underlining that it is extremely important.”

Aksaray Contractors' Association President and Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Member Fatih Güneş, who underlined that the mistakes in the projects in Aksaray were almost non-existent in the last 15 years, in his speech; “We cannot say that there will be no earthquakes in Aksaray, Turkey, which is the most important reason for holding this meeting. Therefore, it is necessary to take the best precautions against the earthquake risk that may occur at any time and to carry out strict inspections. Our building inspection companies have more duties here. When we look at the last 15 years, we cannot say that our buildings in Aksaray are risky because the inspections were carried out on site and they were built in accordance with earthquake regulations. As the contractors association in Aksaray, we always try to help building inspection companies in order to provide convenience. We want them to supervise us well and tightly and to complete our constructions in a healthy and safe manner. Because we give new life and hope to every apartment we build, and we want to instill confidence in our people. In this sense, I want it to be known that we will contribute to all kinds of suggestions and decisions to be taken, and I wish our meeting to be beneficial.”

Aksaray Chamber of Civil Engineers President İsmail Murat Doğan, Aksaray Chamber of Architects President Ayhan Şahin, Aksaray Chamber of Geological Engineers President Tayfun Aydın, Kamil Aydın, Levent Aksoy and Tolga Kara on behalf of Building Inspection Firms expressed their suggestions and problems and wished the consultation meeting to be beneficial.