Added Date : 06-11-2019

The statement made in Aksaray; “By making this statement together with all the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in 81 provinces at the same time, we appeal to both our country and the world public through you.

Turkey, on 9 October 2019 on the Syrian border "Peace Spring" has launched the cross-border operation name.

The aim is to ensure the security of the borders of our country and to eliminate the terror corridor which constitutes a threat to our country and the countries of the region.

This is to clear the region from terrorist organizations such as PKK / PYD / YPG and DAESH, to save the Syrian people from the oppression and oppression of the terrorists and to restore peace, security and peace in the region.

We are behind and support this decision of our state.

Because Turkey has used its rights arising from international rules.

Operation Peace Spring was initiated within the framework of universal law and United Nations Security Council anti-terrorism decisions and the right to self-defense in the UN Convention.

The territorial integrity, sovereignty and political unity of Syria are respected.

Therefore, this operation was legitimate and in accordance with international law.

Our country has been subjected to more than a hundred harassment and hostile actions in the last two years, especially by the elements of terrorist organization located across the border in the east of Euphrates.

These terrorist organizations also carry out attacks on Syria and against Syrians.

Complaints and reactions of the local people in Syria against the increasing human rights violations, forced migration, harassment and persecution of terrorist organizations are constantly increasing.

Everyone should now see that very well; we cannot be expected to remain silent to terrorist groups that massacred innocent people and pose an open threat to the security of our country.

Firat Shield and Olive Branch Harekâtıyl to start with all these ongoing operations in Turkey, the necessary response to the terrorist organizations and their supporters to serve in the most powerful way.

At the same time, utmost attention is paid to the protection of civilians and innocents.

We have already shown this in both Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations.

Life has returned to normal in the region where terror prevailed, peace and tranquility came.

We also prepared the ground for the return of the Syrians who had to leave their homeland.

all the opportunities coming from Turkey's hand is how to mobilize world public opinion for this region has seen.

Because we believe that those who cannot reconstruct the world of heart and people cannot reconstruct the earth.

We are being destroyed as Turkey, we were never in favor of oil, we will not.

Our side is peace, peace, brotherhood.

Turkey's counterterrorism-oriented efforts, including ethnic and religious cleansing, the PKK criminal nature of crimes against humanity / PYD / YPG and pave the way for the return of Syrians have been displaced due to Dease actions, Syria's territorial integrity and unity will contribute .

Therefore, every operation launched by Turkey, Syrian immigrants, oppressed and disadvantaged are supported by local people.

In the light of all these facts, we invite the international community to support our country by expressing its intention to show common stance against terrorism and to make universal human rights dominant in this region.

Finally, we want everyone to know that.

Turkey and the Turkish nation to the threat posed to Turkey's economy, business and civil society, with the most beautiful and will give you an answer.

These threats across this country of each individual, much more for the future of Turkey will work, will produce more.

It is not a day of silence, but of the voice of national unity, one and together.

On the other hand, we urge all citizens to be wary of information pollution and provocations, especially on social media.

Those who live in this region are our neighbors, our brothers.

No one can destroy the law of brotherhood and neighborhood among us who are members of the same civilization, the same culture and the same faith.

No one can put us into mischief and mischief, we cannot make us enemies.

our prayers as Turkey's business world and we stand by all of our hearts our state and our hero soldiers.

We believe that our Turkish Armed Forces will destroy the elements of terror in the region and will defeat the terrorist organizations.

We wish Allah's mercy to all of our martyrs, and let their place be paradise.

We wish our wounded an urgent recovery.

May Allah bless our Almighty God and make our army victorious. Let Yar and be our assistant. ”