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Added Date : 13-06-2018

Companies in the Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone came together in the traditional iftar program, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Participation in the iftar program attended by the AK Party group president and deputy candidate İlknur İnceöz, Candidate Cengiz Aydoğdu, Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Altınsoy, ATSO Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş, Parliament Speaker Fatih Tekin, Board of Directors and members of the Assembly also took place.

Speaking at the opening speech of the program, ATSO Parliament Speaker Fatih Tekin said: "During the five years since the first day of the ATSO Assembly Presidency, in which I came to religion with the support and encouragement of you in 2013, my colleagues and my colleagues have been trying to make Aksaray an industrial city and trade center throughout the country, Aksaray has made faster progress in our consultation with our esteemed members in our OIZ with the awareness that our Organize Sanayi Bölgemiz should be at the desired level in order to advance rapidly and reach the target in this way. Today, we organize more than 15 thousand citizens in our industrial zone are employed. In the following years, this figure will be one of the biggest OIZs of the region in 2023 Aksaray with the incentives of our state investments in the following years, with the investments to increase the strategic location of our province due to the completion of the railway connection works and the easier access to the ports. I believe that if we rebuild the city with the common mind today with you, I believe that both you and Aksaray will be the winners. In this sense, our wish and our request of you who do not skimp on the osb'miz Based on our promise, your support will grow and grow if Turkey Aksaray labor, "he said.

Underlines the fact that 25-30 Thousands of people will endure in the coming years due to the increase in investments made in the OIZ, Cuneyt Göktaş, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ATSO, "We are the organize industrial zone that has factories and investments in it, today it is one of the most important trade centers of our city. Aksaray OIZ, which is one of the first 20 major organized industrial regions of our region, has become the investment center of world famous brands today. Very soon, with the passing of the activity on the investments of the 3rd enlargement area, both employment and trade figures will be recorded in Aksaray. The organize industrial zone where 15 thousand people are employed will soon be large enough to employ 25 to 30 thousand people. We are trying to get together with you in every area, every platform and meeting that we have organized. We are trying to reach the competent authorities by hearing the problems of our OIZ region. As I said at the beginning of my talk, Aksaray OIZ is the most important trade center of our province. It is the future of you and Aksaray. In this sense, let us construct the industrial city in Aksaray, where we will express the problems that are taking place there and the solution suggestions that we will come up with these common ideas. Although we have a relatively short period of 3 months relative to our relatives, we are always in consultation with our registered firms and administrators of our city, and if there is any matter in the name of our city and our business world, We are discussing projects that can be done as There is an election period to be held on June 24th. For the moment, there is a sense of uncertainty and stagnation in the markets, but after 24th of June this recession will leave its place in motion, so we will start to accelerate our work before this movement. Before we stop speaking, we celebrate our Ramadan holiday with our most heartfelt and sincere feelings that we will realize in the coming days ahead of time, I salute you all with respect, love and love. "

Speaking in the program, AK Party deputy Cengiz Aydoğdu'da AK Party in the Organized Industrial Zone is doing a lot of work expressed in the same 24 June after the same will be made to the OSB investments will increase rapidly, he said.

Ak Party Group Deputy Chairman İlknur Inceöz'te speaks in his speech; Organize Industry Participation To Our Region Railway connection work will be done as soon as possible in the investment plan. This work, which is over TL 1 billion, will remove transportation from Aksaray's most important problem ports. The investments that will come to my city with the end of the railway will be very big. Aksaray has become a host of great support during the AK Party era. Our urban area, especially the industry, has undergone major changes in 16 years. After 24 June, I hope that these supports will continue to increase. "