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Added Date : 08-08-2019

Rector of Aksaray University (ASU) Dr. Yusuf Sahin, academic experience, combined with the city's industry and trade experience will contribute to the development of society, he said.

Sahin, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş visited. In order to further develop the University-City and University-Industry cooperation, Sahin said that different units on the campus put forward projects addressing various fields, and that the concrete steps related to the projects would accelerate social development. Prof. Dr. ASÜ was selected as a university of specialization in the field of sports and health. Şahin drew attention to some studies carried out on the axis of social development. Sahin explained that the acceleration of R & D processes and the application of Teknopark, which the academy and the industrialists come together, can be realized with a mutual desire and a common goal orientation, Şahin We are always ready to do our part in this sense. Training activities are being carried out for various undergraduate and patent programs on the campus and some meetings are held with the Ministry. In addition, we have teachers who work in many fields, especially technology. Our desire is to transform the experience of the industrialist with the academic accumulation into a new generation production culture and open a new horizon for our city. ” ATSO President Cüneyt Göktaş stated that ASÜ has an important stakeholder and said that they would support the activities as much as possible.

Rector Advisors Assoc. Dr. Prof. Sevilay Uslu Divanoğlu, Lecturer Muhammet Gümüşsoy and Abidin Ünal, Director of the Institute of Health Sciences, and Hasan Ünver, ATSO Board Member. The meeting was completed with the consultation of the projects that can be realized in the short and medium term, such as the expectations and equipment of the institutions, joint training and internship.