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Added Date : 14-07-2018

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş explained the projects supported by İlimiz Real Estate Real Estate Construction Commissioner's Association.

ATSO Chairman Göktaş explained that the projects that were announced in the past week will give direction to the future of our city. Uğur Etlik, the Chairman of Real Estate Construction Commissioner's Association, explained that "Cüneyt Göktaş, the Chairman of the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry which is the pioneer of the industrial sector, and shared the project with the public. In this sense, I would first like to thank you for our association and my name.

As it is understood from the name of Solar Energy Organized Industrial Zone, it is a whole century project. Investing in the areas most needed by today's world and transforming these investments into industrial areas is one of the most difficult projects. We need to contribute to this project as a whole city and business world that requires millions of Lira. These projects have been carried out from many developed major cities of our country, but as ATSO stated, our country is one of the two most efficient cities for this project in general. The Sultanhan, Incesu and Eskil Güneşli regions that our President stated are indispensable for this project. Hopefully this project will pass through and we will have a very big industrialization of our city. The other projects of ATSO President are very big projects for the future of our districts. A second organized industrial zone, which will be built on the road to Konya, will bring the industry of our city far beyond the present. The path to Adana will be at a level where it will not be able to remove the traffic. In this sense, our ATSO President's project is a step towards proper timing. In the industrial cities of the level of SMEs that will be done to our districts, it will prevent immigration which will give direction to the future of our districts and will contribute employment. In this sense, Aksaray will provide every necessary contribution as a provincial Real Estate Property Construction Commissioner's Association for the projects that are appreciated throughout the whole ".