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Added Date : 11-09-2018

A consultation meeting was held with the visit of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the Aksaray Commodity Exchange.

Aksaray Commodity Exchange Board Chairman Hamid Özkök, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce Assembly Nurettin Constan, ATSO Assembly President Fatih Tekin, Aksaray Commodity Exchange Board Member Özkan Tosun, Assembly Member Abdi Okur, ATSO Board Member Ahmet Sökmen, Ahmet Pektaş, Ahmet Kulak, Hasan Huseyin Unver, Rafet Altınpınar, Enver Şanlı, and Gabriel Çınar.

Atso President Cüneyt Göktaş and the President of the Commodity Exchange Hamit Özkök made a joint statement and stated the following statements.

 "We always emphasized the importance of common sense when we were explaining our projects and when we were talking about our city. Aksaray faces many important problems. The aggravation of the agriculture and the industry, which will begin soon, may multiply exponentially. I would like to remove the Railway and Water Issue as soon as possible, but unfortunately Aksaray may fall backward. If we come together without forgetting that it is possible to remove these negative tables from the middle, we can reach Aksaray 2023 targets by squeezing around the common lively city. Our rooms and Turkey, two important organizations here Stock Exchanges Association of Trade Exchanges Our goal with the clear message of our Chamber of Commerce. Problems Everyone should put their hand under the stone with the participation of every section to be laid to the table. All of the protocol should be a citizen of the city and all the public in Aksaray. Aksaray said that the rest of this time is exactly the time of the demena, "he said.

Aksaray Commodity Exchange and Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board of Directors and Assembly Speakers.