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Added Date : 02-03-2020

Civil Society Organizations (NGOs), who came together in Aksaray, reacted to the treacherous attack on Turkish soldiers in Idlib with a press release and gave a message of unity and solidarity.

The heads of non-governmental organizations in Aksaray came together and made a press statement regarding the treacherous attack that took place in Idlib. Aksaray Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Assembly Hall of the meeting held on that statement on behalf of civil society organizations, heads of Aksaray Commodity Exchange (ATB) Chairman Hamid Ozkok, the meeting that Turkey carried out across 81 provinces, said the nearly 30 professional organizations, trade union confederations and civil said community organizations are attending.

ATB President Özkök stated that Turkish soldiers are protecting both the country's borders and the oppressed in Idlib. We acted by giving the right to the responsibility we assume. Today, we show our common reaction to the treacherous attack in Idlib. First of all, the souls of all our hero soldiers who have been martyred in the mission they undertook to defend the peace, security and oppressed of the homeland. May my Lord make the place of our martyrs heaven. May patience and fortitude to the relatives and urgent healing for our wounded. "Thanks to our nation," he said.

“The regime did not comply with the agreement and ambushed our soldiers as they became treacherous”

President Ozkok, Idlib in protecting and oppressed the borders of Turkey stated that Turkish soldiers treacherous attack were killed, "Because the atrocities in Syria, hundreds of thousands of civilians in brutal murder of her home by millions of people, the expulsion from the territory, the world was silent. Turkey's peace and tranquility while others focused efforts, unfortunately, did not pay off in many countries. We're calling here again. In front of us is a regime with a mentality that does not get its share from humanity, disregards all moral, human and religious values, destroys even its own citizens, and means their lives. It is dragging Syria into a more severe destruction every day. Here, regime forces did not comply with the latest agreements and ambushed our soldiers as they stood. This attack is never acceptable. Therefore, we cannot be expected to remain silent against these regime elements that kill innocent people and pose a threat to the security of our country. It is our historical, human and conscientious responsibility to protect the right to life of our Syrian brothers, who have historical and cultural ties and escape from the regime's persecution. The Turkish State and its army have provided the necessary response to the terrorist organizations and their supporters in the strongest way with the Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch and Peace Dispatch Operation so far. Of course, the owners of this brutal attack will pay for it. ”

“They have started to pay this price with Operation Spring Shield”

Mayor Özkök said, “Let everyone know that we are a nation that knows how to overcome all kinds of difficulties. When it becomes a homeland, we leave all political and intellectual differences on one side. Now, we act in unity and solidarity and show patience and solidarity. We keep the interests of our country above everything. Today we are stronger than ever, we are all and together. representing all segments of Turkey as a Professional and Civil Society Organizations, conventional clamping under our flag. We stand by our state and our heroic army, which are decisively fighting against the murderer regime. We are behind every decision to be taken and every step to be taken. May Allah Almighty protect our country, keep the unity and vitality of our nation, make our army victorious. "

ATSO Chairman of the Board Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of the Commodity Exchange Hamit Özkök, President of the Chamber of Agriculture Emin Koçak, Fatih Tekin, President of the ATSO Assembly, Nurettin Yapılcan, the President of the Commodity Exchange, TİSK, HAK-İŞ, KAMU-SEN, MEMUR-SEN, TÜRK-İŞ , AKMÜB, TÜMSİAD, TÜRMOB, TESK, Chamber of Pharmacists, Aksaray Bar Association, Chamber of Veterinarians, TOBB Women and Young Entrepreneurs Board members attended.