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Added Date : 21-03-2022

Ahmet Kulak, Deputy Chairman of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, met with the Members of the 3rd Professional Committee and consulted.

Indicating that the Textile Industry has made rapid progress in Aksaray, Kulak made a statement regarding the meeting and said, "Aksaray is one of the provinces where investments have been made in the textile sector of Turkey in recent years. The fact that local and foreign brands come to our Organized Industrial Zone and determine their production center as our city makes us very happy and encourages us to work more and produce projects at the same time. Today, occupancy rates and other natural risks in metropolitan cities such as Gebze, Bursa and Istanbul, which are the main centers of the textile industry, show Aksaray as one of the alternative cities. We should also host new investors in the sector by making the best use of these opportunities and include Aksaray among the provinces I have mentioned above. I believe that many textile brands will want to take part in our Organized Industrial Zones to be built in Ortaköy, Eskil and Sultanhanı. Together with the members of the 3rd Professional Committee of the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the members of the Aksaray Textile Manufacturers Platform, we will act with the power of common mind and bring our city to the best points in the textile sector. Of course, the more successful we are in the sector, the more profitable our sector members in the center will be. For this, I would like to state that we have to work together so that both our investors, our SMEs and our citizens will be profitable. Hopefully, we will come out of the bad environment the world is in in a short time and we, as the representatives of the Textile Industry, will offer the best contribution to our city, especially our country.