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Added Date : 20-07-2018

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry 3. Occupational Committee (Textiles) organized thanks visits to sector companies.

Aksaray Mayor Haluk Şahin ATSO Vice Chairman Ahmet Kulak and Chairman of the 3 rd Profession Committee Ramazan Aygül, who brought together the textile companies in the center of our province with the Yazgı and visited the factories in the Organize Industry Zone and thanked the companies for their support.

Mr. Ahmet Kulak and Chairman Ramazan Aygül visited Kaya Tekstil, İşteks, Okçuerler, Akgüneşler, Saynur and Orçun Textile, and the chairman of the ATSO Cuneyt Göktaş, "We are building the Future Industry City in Aksaray" and that they are moving in common mind to become a model city in the country and region.

Ahmet Kul, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of ATSO stated that "We have been working with our companies operating in the textile sector in our city as the 3rd Profession Committee until now. Since I started to represent our sector in 2013, Aksaray acted with common mind and brought the textile industry to very good places. In today's visits we have done at the point where we can do what we can to contribute to our city.

Up to 10 years ago, Tekstil has become one of the leading figures in our country's Textile Sector with the investments it has made and the investments that it has made Aksaray counts the big cities like Istanbul, Bursa and Denizli. Today, Kaya Textile, Işteks, Okçuerler, Akgüneşler, Saynur and Orçun Textile which are operating in our Organize Industry Region are exporting Textiles to dozens of countries all over the world. How proud we are with these companies that produce the products of world famous brands. I am grateful to all of our companies in this sense and I wish the success to continue.

The statement made by Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry's 3rd Profession Committee Chairman Ramazan Aygül; "ATSO Vice President and Industry Today with our distinguished name Ahmet Kulak, we visit our Fabrics Factory in Organize Sanayi Bölgesi today and talk about the problems and solutions that our city has lived in the textile sector. I hope that in Aksaray in the coming months on behalf of our industry will be very good works and projects. We passed them at the meeting we made with our Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı. He also promised that he would always be with us. ACCI has announced that the President Cuneyt Meteors "We are building the future of Turkey's industrial city of Aksaray" our city as Textile Sector Based on the vision will give the largest contribution, "he said.