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Added Date : 21-03-2019

Under the auspices of Aksaray Governorship, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aksaray Commodity Exchange, İŞKUR, Social Security Institution, Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, Employment Mobilization Launch Meeting organized by the Chamber of Certified Public Accountants, Business World, Public Institutions, NGOs and Politics brought together.

While Aksaray's intensive participation in the launching meeting brought together the highest level of employment and tax champions, the companies took their plaques from the managers of our city.

Aksaray Governor Ali Mantı, AK Party deputies İlknur İnceöz, Cengiz Aydoğdu, Nationalist Movement Party Aksaray Deputy Ramazan Kaşlı, Good Party Aksaray Member of Parliament Ayhan Erel, Chief Public Prosecutor İbrahim Cansever, Chief of Police Ali Karabağ, Secretary General of Special Provincial Administration, Ramazan Altundağ, AK Party , Provincial Heads of Republican People's Party and Nationalist Movement Party, Directors of Public Institutions and Organizations and Heads of Civil Society Organizations participated in the launch meeting.

Aksaray Commodity Exchange Board Chairman Hamit Özkök made the opening speech of the program in his speech; . I would like to thank everyone who has been here on behalf of our business world on behalf of our business, as it is a very much more than expected. As you know, if we can realize this potential in production, services and exports, it is not even possible to go further by capturing a sustainable growth potential. At this point, we are the ones who should employ employment mobilization starting with the call of our president as representatives of the business world.

I also call upon all our business and employers here; Turkey's confidence in the strength and future, join the recruitment campaign, benefited from this date supports. We are small company, do not say what if we take an additional 1 person. Look, the elders used to tell us; The nemesis ordered the fire of Abraham to come against him. The soldiers of Nimrod burned big fire in the square. Everyone watches in silence, in silence, an ant, a tiny drop of water in his mouth, toward the fire. The other ants who saw this shouted after him. 'Where are you going, look at the size of the fire, think you can turn off the whole fire with a drop of water?', the ant said, 'at least, on which side I'm understood'. Here we are against unemployment, employment should be on the side. "

At least one of our citizens unemployed by hiring both improve your business and get your contribution to economic growth by investing in the future of Turkey, could be the winner. We have never lost fertility and hope in this land. We won't lose. Kay

Good Party Aksaray Deputy Ayhan Erel, underlined that the program was an important meeting for the future of the business world, thanks to the participation of the business world due to their participation, Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aksaray Commodity Exchange, İŞKUR, Social Security Institution, Organized Industry Region Directorate, Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and Financial Advisors.

Nationalist Movement Party while to thank on behalf of the parties said the organization of the program in Aksaray Deputy Ramazan muscular, Turkey the largest employment campaign initiated by, all supports granting points to the Aksaray business urges to investors.

AK Party deputy Cengiz Aydoğdu, Aksaray, thanks to the companies present at the meeting, emphasized the importance of employing firms. Aksaray's employment levels to maximize the highest level of everything we do together with our state and business world, indicating that the AK Party Deputy Cengiz Aydoğdu, wished the employment mobilization would be beneficial to our country and our city.

Ak Party Aksaray Deputy İlknur İnceöz, Aksaray'ın business world to meet with the welfare of the meeting will be beneficial to the business, due to the participation of the Business World, Public Institutions, Civil Society Organizations and Business World thanked.

Immediately after the opening speeches, information was presented to investors and the business world by ISKUR Director Mahmut Akkuş and Provincial Director of Social Security Institution Bilal Akgün on 2019 Employment and Incentive packages.

Speaking at the information presentation Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş, in his speech; "Employment Framework 7 Mobilization in 2019 in Ankara, Turkey in talks with the Ministry of Participation hosted by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Economic and Employment Subjects were tabled. In the works related to the new employment incentives, we have provided the necessary information flow as Chambers / Exchanges. At this point, I would like to express that with the Common Opinion of the TOBB and the relevant Ministries, we set out with the aim of providing 2 million 500 thousand new jobs in 2019, and that we will give all of our employers the necessary support to this end. I would like to emphasize that the program "Employment Mobilization 2019" provides historic supports for the employers, and it should be understood that they should be implemented in a good way.In January 2017, our employment at 41 thousand 064 was 49,825 at the end of the year and 8,761 additional employment was made. 51 thousand 300 and the end of 2018 4.351 people have been additional employment in a total of 2 years 13 thousand 112 people have increased our number of employees.

Aksaray İŞKUR Provincial Director Mahmut Akkuş, who made the presentation, stated that the incentive packages were the biggest support so far, and he made a presentation about each incentive package.

Bilal Akgün, the Provincial Director of the Social Security Institution, wished that the greatest mobilization of employment in the history of the Republic would be beneficial for our country and our city, and the participants were informed about the incentives at the point of Social Security Institution.

Ayhan Ermiş, Director of the Organized Industrial Zone, and Melih Özan, the President of the Chamber of Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors, thanked all the participants who attended the meeting, and wished that the launching meeting would be beneficial to our city and our business world.

After the information presentations, 104 companies with a high level of employment in Aksaray were given a plaque by our province protocol, and the awards were presented to the tax champions in the first 20.

The businessmen of our business world, NGOs and Public Institutions participated in the meeting thanked to Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aksaray Commodity Exchange, İŞKUR, Social Security Institution, Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and Financial Advisors.