Added Date : 14-07-2018

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 3rd Grand Bazaar and textile firms in the umbrella street, Aksaray Mayor Haluk Sahin Yazgı came together at breakfast.

Ahmet Kulak, Vice Chairman Fatih Tekin, Deputy Chairman of the ATSO Assembly, Süleyman Canbulut, Deputy Chairman of the ATSO, Cebrail Cinar, Member of the Board of Directors, and Ramazan Aygül, the Chairman of the 3rd Task Committee.

Especially in the umbrella streets and in the bazaar center, the companies that expressed the troubles in many areas received the word that the Mayor Yazgı would do the necessary work.

ATSO Assembly Speaker Fatih Tekin, who made the opening speech in the program, thanked Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı, who always keeps his support and is constantly meeting with ATSO members, on behalf of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the members of the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry .

As Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President of the Assembly Fatih Tekin underlined that our province met with our manager constantly. "Until today, we are trying to bring together members of our 10 Professional Committees in our office often with the administrators of our city. We know that we are members of other professional committees such as our companies which are here today. We are trying to consult with the common mind by inviting people at the top of our city to find solutions to your problems because you are the people who see the problems more clearly and who are voicing right in the right place. "


Aksaray Speaking on the program that the chamber of commerce and industry was organized, and underlining that they fulfilled all the promises given to Aksaray, President Yazgı said: I would like to thank firstly our companies operating in the textile sector of our city here.

I believe that we have fulfilled all the duties that we have as a municipality at the point of solution in the troubles expressed in programs arranged while taking care to participate in every program organized by our Commercial and Industrial Odamız until today.

We are continuing our studies with the first day's perseverance when we finish the 4th year and enter the 5th YI. We had many dreams today in Aksaray before we came to see the relative prosperity. I had a few projects so I wanted to finish them and finish them, but I have had such a Mayorial era that maybe it was the first time in history. I think that since the day I came to our country, our country has experienced a 7-8 election period, and on July 15, it has been living a treacherous coup attempt that we do not want to experience again.

The months when the municipalities worked most actively caused such a year that we were betrayed in such a bit. Despite this, we have been working with our team as a municipality at the point where the promises of the projects have been passed on and we thank the citizens of Aksaray for their projects today. We will make the city transformation project that we can not pass on to if we can not re-elect and re-elect.

Until today, we are with both our citizens and tradesmen. By separating the two parts from each other, we took what was logical. Certainly, we may not be happy in some of our works, but in those studies, our people and the majority of our traders should have worked. That is why we would like to thank all the nurses who give support to our nurses who stand beside us and Aksaray our very valuable members of our trade and industry room and on behalf of our Belediyemiz.

Following his speech, Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı, who listened to the problems of the companies operating in ATSO 3rd Profession Committee, then Fatih Tekin, President of the Assembly Ahmet Kulak, Cebrail Cinar, Member of the Board of Directors, Ramazan Aygül, Ali Baba Tekkes'in located on the street and Kalealti Caddesinde on-site examinations, while listening to the problems of tradesmen, necessary work done and promised to resolve the problems gave.