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Added Date : 24-06-2022

NGO representatives, who published a joint text in the press release held at the ATSO Meeting Hall, said that the investments are closely related to the business world and will contribute to the Aksaray industry. ATSO President GÖKTAŞ, who thanked Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu, in his statement; “As the Presidents of Non-Governmental Organizations, we are here to share our happiness with you regarding Lacoste and Solar Panels, announced by our Aksaray Governor, Mr. Hamza Aydoğdu, yesterday morning. Two separate big investment decisions to employ 2,500 people in our Aksaray Sultanhanı Organized Industrial Zone, owned by our Eren Energy and Lacoste Giyim Company, which are within the body of Eren Holding, have been welcomed by both our business world and our compatriots. Two years ago, we had expressed with our NGO Presidents that Aksaray would be a Textile Giant City and the Industrial Center of the Future Turkey would be built in Aksaray. Today, while dozens of world brand textile products, especially Colins, Lc Waikiki, are produced in Aksaray, Lacoste Brand is included among these brands. We believe that in the continuation of this investment, more nice textile brands will adopt Aksaray. Aksaray, which has become the center of attraction for investments, hosts serious investments in the field of energy as well as textile production. In this context, to our deputies, Mayors, NGO Presidents, Press Members, and especially Aksaray Governor Mr. Hamza Aydoğdu, who worked day and night to bring investment to our district OIZs, who contributed to the acquisition of Lacoste Textile and Eren Energy Investments to be made in our Aksaray Sultanhanı Organized Industrial Zone. I would like to thank those who contributed on behalf of the business world, I wish that the investments will bring good luck to the economy of Aksaray and our country, I thank you".