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Added Date : 28-02-2020

Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, exchanged views by visiting companies in the construction sector of our city in the past day.

Erol Kardeşler, Akalınlar İnşaat and Isıcaklar İnşaat, ATSO President Göktaş stated that they will work by taking their opinions regarding the suggestions, problems and demands of the members.

Making a statement about the visits, ATSO Chairman Göktaş said: “We visited the valuable construction companies of our city and our company Erol Kardeşler, which was successful in the logistics industry.

In our meeting with Erol Kardeşler officials İsmail Erol and Ramazan Erol, they expressed their demands for the logistics of the large investors in the Organized Industrial Zone of our city, to the companies of Aksaray. At this point, we have stated that the best solution is to establish a Cooperative and we will support in the event that the logistics companies work.

During our visit to Akalınlar İnşaat, we came together with the valuable President Recep Akalın, whom we worked with in the Aksaray Contractors Union in previous periods. It was built by Aksaray Municipality in the face of the effort of preventing illegal construction for Aksaray and the sector, building entrances to increase the city city potential that will add value to the city, building neighborhood car parks, increasing the market of Somuncu Baba, and enhancing its market and above all, Against the Effort of the Land Registry Directorate. He suggested that he not be brought to his offices, but to continue his operations on the spot. Expressing that the density in Aksaray Center will increase with Tapu, we stated that we will conduct studies with our Board of Directors, taking note of the suggestions of Recep Akalın.

In the last stop of our visits, we visited Isıcaklar Construction Company, which is one of the valuable investors of our city, and in our meeting with Murat and Bayram Isıcak, they stated that the location of the Land Registry Office could not be removed in our expatriate time. We completed our visits by expressing that we believe that Aksaray Municipality will do more than necessary for the demands and suggestions of our members by taking note of all the suggestions in our visits. We have been visiting almost every sector since the beginning of 2020. We will report all the suggestions and problems we received during these visits at the end of the year and share the problems and solution suggestions of Aksaray. ”