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Added Date : 21-07-2017

ATSO Chairman Ahmet Koçaş, TKDK Provincial Coordinator Metin Alp Altınsoy attended the consultation meeting to inform representatives of the business world.

ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş, who made the opening speech in the program, "First of all, I would like to thank my friends for the management of this meeting. Our aim in organizing this meeting is that as you know, our government offers a lot of support to those who are active in the agricultural sector. Many of these supports are unfortunately not available, so many of them can not benefit from these supports. If we are a sickle, we are here to meet you to avoid these problems. The support given by the experts of our institution for supporting agriculture and rural development is being prepared for you by our government. First of all, we want you to benefit from the good listening and support of the issues that will be explained to you on behalf of our room which is the pioneer establishment of Aksaray business world. We are here with you every day to support you here. If you get help when you want to get help, you can consult me ​​and my team and you can find solutions to your problems. "

TKDK Provincial Coordinator Metin Alp Altınsoy stated that the State has done a lot of work with the aim of supporting Agriculture and Rural Development and underlined that Aksaray will support every kind of business in the business world in order to benefit from these supports. After the opening speeches, while the participants were informed by the TKDK experts, the meeting received full marks by the participants.