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Added Date : 07-12-2017

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ahmet Koçaş said that some of the streets in Aksaray were crowded with vehicles and that the traffic started to turn into a ransom.

Aksaray Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ahmet Koçaş stated that citizens are expressing their complaints constantly in this issue and explained that "the increasing traffic density every day in our city has started to take our floods as far as our drivers are, especially when the vehicle density is high and the two- Aksaray Trade and Industry can see the complaints coming from the vehicles that the drivers both the drivers and the floods are in danger.

Despite our business and our priority business, our citizens are complaining to us on this issue. We had to make this statement in the context of our employers 'and members' involvement in these complaints.

We invite Aksaray Municipality and Police Directorate to conduct these studies to determine these roads and, if necessary, inspect them to make sure that your traffic is the only lane on these streets. We know that our Mayor is very sensitive to this issue and we believe that he will take this issue too. We know that the current traffic problem will soon become a scam, and it will be at the level that both our drivers and our lives will endanger their lives. In this sense, we urge our officials to be a solution to the problem in order to find a solution to this problem quickly. "