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Added Date : 25-02-2019

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş, Assembly President Fatih Tekin and Board of Directors members ATSO Delegation, reaffirming confidence in the past weeks President Emin Koçak, President of the Cattle Breeders Association Bekir Kayan and President of AKMÜB in the new era Fatih He paid a visit to the sun for good.

In addition to the agricultural platform in Aksaray, Cüneyt Göktaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ATSO, who expressed his best wishes and wished success to the NGOs who contributed greatly to the economy of our city, said that; . We visited the Agricultural Chamber, which is among the most important non-governmental organizations in Aksaray's Agriculture and Livestock Sector, and our very valuable Presidents of the AKMÜB, which is our civil society organization in the construction sector.

Starting from our motto eler We Will Work, Aksaray Will Win “, we shared our projects with our NGOs and Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For Aksaray, we always act together and, most importantly, we have joined Aksaray to serve with the power of common mind.

After our country's 31 March Local Elections, we exchanged views at the point of making efforts to enter into the production and export-oriented recovery process in both the Agriculture Sector and the Livestock Sector as well as in the Construction and Industry Sector.

I would like to know that we will be working on renewing our belief in the fact that the economic difficulties in the world, part of our country at the point of our country will be overcome in a shorter time with the works that will lead the non-governmental organizations which are the leading companies of the business world and that these difficulties will decrease if the production increases.

In this sense, always attaching importance to unity and solidarity, President of Ziraat Chamber Emin Koçak, Bekir Kayan, Chairman of the Association of Cattle Breeders, and our Chairman of AKMÜB, Fatih Güneş once again wish that their duties will be better. Bu