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Added Date : 27-02-2017

The delegation consisting of TÜMSİAD Branch President İlker Başgan and the administrative board visited the ATSO President Koçaş and gave a message of unity and solidarity.

All Industrialists and Businessmen Association Aksaray Branch President Ilker Başgan underlines that they will always work with ATSO in business association; "We visit Aksaray Trade and Industry Odam which is the pioneer organization of our industry and exchange opinions with our President.

The common goal of all of us and our aim is to bring the best of our country and our province. In line with this aim, TÜMSİAD and ATSO will work in unity and togetherness and will put forth important studies on behalf of our province. "

AMSO Chairman Koçaş stated that TÜMSİAD Chairman and the board of directors of Aksaray stated that they were honored because of their hospitality in the Trade and Industry Chamber. "In our country, our President initiated national mobilization and we are taking steps as all Civil Society Organizations within the scope of this mobilization. It is the time of day and togetherness.

TÜMSİAD, as our Chairman has stated, our purpose and objective is to work for our country and our city to be in good places in the industry.

The biggest support for this is to act under the unity and solidarity of our Public Institutions and Civil Society Organizations. We are always ready to work together in support of the national mobilization call.

I wish success to TÜMSİAD Chairman and Board of Directors during their term of