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Added Date : 16-04-2018

AK Party Provincial Chairman Hussein Altınsoy, Head of the District Hamza Aktürk and the AK Party Delegation Aksaray Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cüneyt Göktaş was visited by the better.

AK Party Chairman of the ATSO Goktas wishes the success of the Provincial Chairman Hussein Altınsoy made a statement in the visit; I wish Cuneyt Göktaş, who was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aksaray Ticaret ve Sanayi Odamızın, the leading organization of the business world of our country, in the year 2018-2022 on behalf of the partisan organization. Mr. Sayin, who fulfills the Chairmanship of the Contractors Association for a term, will fulfill the responsibilities of the Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Trade and Industry Odamızız successfully. We will continue to act with ATSO for Aksaray every season. Aksaray Aksaray and Aksaray will work together for the business world by coming out from the point of view that the rest is detailed ".

Political Parties to build the future of Turkey's industrial city of Aksaray, Civil Society Organizations, the Association and said that all the city's citizens stating that they will act together with the President of ACCI have done if Cuneyt meteors; "We will work day and night to ensure that Aksaray is in much better places. Our government is taking advantage of the great opportunities provided by Turkey's industrial future of our business in the Anatolian city that we will build in Aksaray. These targets are Aksaray's 2023 targets. When we reach these goals, we will have made a major contribution to the 2023 Goals, which your government has determined. In this sense, we will act with our Political Parties, Civil Society Organizations. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Ak Party Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Altınsoy who visited us, to Hamza Aktürk and Ak Party Organization of our Head of District. "