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Added Date : 17-02-2020

Chairman of the Board of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cüneyt Göktaş and Hasan Hüseyin Ünver, Member of the Board of Directors, continue their member visits without interruption.

During this week's visit to President Göktaş, who visited the members and furniture makers on the Ankara road, the furniture makers expressed their problems.

Göktaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who informed the members about their activities during the visits to Ankara Furniture, Tappa Furniture, İnegöl Home Design and Atlas Park, also received information about the problems experienced by the chamber members.

Making a statement on the subject, ATSO President Göktaş made a statement, “Within the scope of our member visits, we visited our furniture companies this week and we got involved. We had the opportunity to listen with the comments of our members that our furniture makers had difficulties with the high store rents in Aksaray as a result of this. We have learned that there are furniture stores in many provinces, as well as these sites have been turned into Attraction Centers with different consumer goods and thousands of people spend their time shopping every day. They conveyed to us that a city like Aksaray, which grows and develops every year and which is the center of attention of investors due to its strategic location, should break the crust at this point. I conveyed my belief that the Furniture Manufacturers Site is among the election projects of Aksaray Municipality and that the necessary steps will be taken at this point to our members.

Our firms also expressed that if the place is allocated and the infrastructure is completed, all the furniture companies in Aksaray will put their hands under the stone to build a site that will suit our city and be located among the city's windows. At this point, we will continue to report the opinions and suggestions we received from our members. At the end of 2020, we will share these reports with our members and the public under the title of Aksaray's problems and solution suggestions. ”