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Added Date : 13-02-2018

ATSO Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Koçaş, who was in favor of Mehmet Doğan, the head of Berbers and Hairdressers Chamber, who was chosen again as a relative of visiting traffic starting with Aksaray Barbers and Hairdressers' Chamber, gave a message on behalf of the association in the new period.

Mehmet Dogan, President of the Barbers and Hairdressers Chamber of Directors, underlined that there is a very large prescription among the civil society organizations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Aksaray and wishes to thank the ATSO Chairman Ahmet Koçaş and the ATSO Board for his visit.

AŞO President Ahmet Koçaş who wishes to be good to the Kani Indigenous who has been re-selected as a relative in Aksaray Butchers, Besiciler and Animal Buyers' Chamber visits Aksaray Butchers, Besiciler and Animal Exchange Dealers Coordinator in the province as if it is with relative NGOs in ATSO underlining that they will sign a work that will benefit Aksaray and that the union will act under the roof of the tie.

Aksaray Business District is highlighted by ATSO President Koçaş and his team Aksaray Butchers, Besiciler and Animal Buyers Chamber President Kani Yerli is the pioneer of Aksaray Chamber of Industry and Industry and Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made great contributions to our science in 5 years and he will not see the same committee wishes to ATSO President Koçaş and his colleagues.

Aksaray President of Aksaray Trade and Industry Ahmet Koçaş expressed his wish to Veysel Öztürk, President of Aksaray Minibuscular Public Bus and Public Service Chamber, and stated that he acted together with President Veysel Öztürk in every field and every platform and stated that he attaches great importance to coexistence. he underlined that he would continue.

ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş'ın indicating that they have support until the end of the Aksaray Minibuscular Public Busbers and General Servants Chamber Veysel Ozturk in Aksaray in the statement that there were many ATSO president until this time, but until this time the most productive period Ahmet Koçaş and his team He made. They expressed their sacrifice to Aksaray and all that they earned for the future of this city. Aksaray stated that Aksaray Industry would pay President Koçaş and his associate and pay the debt.

 Aksaray Bakıncılar- Pastors, Lokantacılar Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans Chamber Chairman Halis Altınsoy visited ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş, Assembly President Fatih Tekin and ATSO Delegation gave unity and togetherness images.

ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş stated that the whole city should thank the Bakers, Pastacılar, Lokantacılar Chamber of Crafts and Artisans Chamber President Halis Altınsoy mentioned the success of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Earlier, Chairman Halis Altınsoy underlined that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry did not even know what he was doing. He underlined that this was destroyed by ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş and his team, and that President Koçaş served in Aksaray and was among the most active people in the top rankings.

President of Aksaray Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans Dogan Ceylan ATSO Delegation visited Doğan Ceylan and expressed his wish that Doğan Ceylan always looks like a brother guide. Mr. Ayso President Koçaş explained that Doğan Ceylan served for many years Tradesmen and Artisans Odamız and our knowledge . He is a leader and guide for me as well as the Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans Chamber. By this time we had acted together and said that we will continue to do so. President of the Assembly Fatih Tekin, until this time, our unity and unity in everywhere that Dogan Ceylan'ın voicing himself, thanks to our business community on behalf of the wish was accomplished.


Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans Chairman Doğan Ceylan addressed the Aksaray Business World and expressed the openness to ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş as Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans. President Dogan Ceylan said that they will always be next to him; Aksaray's Ahmet Koçaş, Fatih Tekin and his colleagues are in need. Until then, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry gave the best answers to what they do and they were the best representatives of Civil Society Organizations. In addition to our business world, we were beside every part of our world. That's why we support them until the end. Aksaray needs these presidents. I thank them for their eternal gratitude and I hope that they will come to see you again. We are ready to give any kind of support in this sense. "

After visiting the Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans, ATSO Delegation visited the Credit Bail Cooperative and conveyed his wishes to President Yaşar Altun. ATSO President Ahmet Koçaş, Speaker of the Parliament Fatih Tekin and ATSO Delegation visited the visit to the Credit Bail