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Added Date : 04-02-2020

The ATSO Delegation, which is composed of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Chairman Cüneyt Göktaş and Vice Chairman Ahmet Kulak, Board Members Hasan Hüseyin Ünver and Cebrail Çınar, both visit the newly established businesses and listen to their suggestions and demands.

The ATSO Delegation, which visited the Can Drive Course, Mustafa Sarikaya Construction, Nazim Yilmaz Construction, Zen Diamond and Utopia Construction, which opened their new place in Aksaray in the past day, expressed their best wishes to the companies.

Asking the members for their suggestions and their expectations from the room along with their visit, Göktaş said, “We have visited the valuable companies of our province, which are registered in our room and open their new places, together with our friends on our board of directors. While we wish them success in these visits, we also noted their expectations, suggestions and requests from us. We have been making regular member visits since 2020 and we have obtained analysis reports that will produce very productive results. In line with these reports, we take the necessary steps after conducting a consultation with our Board of Directors on how we work. We will continue our studies and member visits based on the understanding of a board of directors who listens to their members' problems, demands and expectations, and notes what they listen to. ”