Added Date : 04-03-2019

Depending on the Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Aksaray Provincial Executive Committee election was held in ATSO.

On Friday last, the selection made in Aksaray Chamber of Commerce, Women Entrepreneurs Board's new Chairman of the votes of the Berri field the majority of the period Ozan, Vice President of the Pearl Özdal, Tugba Booth, Jasmine Ali when choosing were found in the results of the UPS member Aksaray to be beneficial to the business world wishes.

Provincial Executive Committee as well as the President and Vice President to Join as, Demeter So Ozturk, Judy, Dilek Eyüboğlu, start steels, Ebru Ayse Arcen, Eve Aybüke Belpinar, Keziban Dilmaç, Angel Cranes, Oya South, Ummi Gamze Akpinar and Zeliha Distinguished selected.

Women Entrepreneurship will increase the importance of women entrepreneurship in Aksaray, Berrin Ozan, the President of Women Entrepreneurs Council, said in his statement; U The woman who builds the nest makes the society the entrepreneur women. Our women are at the center of life as in the center of the house. One of the most important centers of our lives in today's world is the business world. We spend more of our time at home in our workplaces. Then, we have to find solutions to put Aksaray Women Entrepreneurs in the head of their professional groups and we must increase the importance of Women Entrepreneurship throughout our city.

studies relating to female workers in Turkey, enterprising business women half of that entrepreneurs in the trade sector more generally that where the 30-39 age bracket and education level of close to half only a high school education level remains and often reveals that they are urbanized. We artırmalıyız.30 number of our women in all fields, particularly in education and - sevice within the age range of 39 should try to download the 20s and we need to encourage our women.

Women's need to provide additional income to the household and to increase their efforts to work in paid jobs should accelerate their entry into economic activities. Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union Our Aksaray Chamber of Commerce, mainly in Aksaray Commodity Exchange, our civil society, our organizations, we have to move coordinated with public institutions, our way acting ACCI President's Cuneyt Meteors Shareholders of mind with the term agreement in Aksaray with power. In this sense we do and we came up with the support of our members Aksaray Provincial Women Entrepreneurs Executive Board I wish to make our city better and preferences of our business world, "he said.