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Added Date : 09-03-2020

Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Aksaray organized by the Women Entrepreneurs Council of the March 8 International Women's Day event to mark the participation of the famous names Erberk joy of our country, the program was watched with interest by the guests.

The program was attended by Aksaray Governor Ali Mantı's wife Işıl Mantı, Aksaray Mayor Evren Dinçer's wife Merve Dinçer, Political Parties Women's Arms, Protocol Members' spouses and many guests.

Making the opening speech of the program, TOBB Aksaray Women Entrepreneurs Committee Chairman Berrin Özan, in her speech; “153 years ago, March 8; It is the Anniversary of the glorious struggle of women in New York, 1857, with blood and tears to improve working conditions. As a result of the attack on women workers walking that day, most of the women129 workers died, hundreds were injured and many were arrested. March 8 since 1910; it is referred to as the world women's day. On behalf of myself; I do not think that women's day is only one day, I believe that half of life is female. Our great leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, it is necessary to believe that; Everything in the world is the work of women ”. Our great leader has always trusted Turkish women and undertook pioneering reforms for Turkish women to reach the place they deserve in society. Allah, the supreme creator, created the woman and the man from the same nafs, and made them possess a fit that they would meditate with each other. Hz. By making Adam alone and with his wife, he made humanity feel that they would share the world life together. O people, in the hadith of our Prophet! respect women's rights! Treat them with compassion and love! "and by emphasizing the importance of our religion to women. We know that women are the most effective, guiding, unifying and protective factor of the society. We should feel privileged and be aware of the creative power we have. In order to increase this awareness, I would like to briefly talk about what we have done for our women in our city.We have undertaken this task with 14 friends on March 1, 2019, based on the idea that women are half of life. in more to do with, our city organizes projects and events for women. our 12-month tenure is located between the main institutions of social projects in Turkey, as did our recording setup habitat associations We r. TOBB, Istanbul Technical University and we were at my sister projects carried out in cooperation with Coca Cola. Together with our Aksaray municipality and chamber of commerce, we started the Kadınhanı project to establish new business opportunities and local product market for our women. Starting from our OIZ factories, we started to organize seminars against domestic and women's violence by working in cooperation with our police department for our working women. By saying that Aksaray streets should smell lavender, we have worked with our provincial directorate of agriculture in Aksaray at the point of growing lavender in our city, and we have created many lavender gardens in Aksaray. For a more livable and greener Aksaray, our board members brought our saplings together with Aksaray lands. In various schools in Aksaray, we supported our successful students with some gifts. We decided to reach out to our women living in villages and towns, not only considering the city center. We started work by organizing financial literacy training for our women in Incesu. We visited our women in our nursing home and took care of their personal care, and on April 23, we held our children's festival for our children in our city. A good start means half success. When I look back at these days we have completed one year, I feel great pride and happiness when I see our work as women entrepreneurs, of course, I thank all of my co-workers who have done all these things together, and who did not withhold their support in my presence, and once again that I am proud of them. I want to express it. "We have to work as ants in order to leave works like giants."

Following the speech of TOBB Aksaray Women Entrepreneurs Board Chairman Berrin Özan, the Presidential Committee on Women's and Children's Rights, Yasemin Turan Özdemir, was informed about the rights of women.

The guest of honor program, Mrs.Mink in 1982, 1983 Turkey Beauty, in 1984. In Europe Lovely selected Joy Erberk performing speeches of the importance of the women's program at the end after a special photo shoot on the significance of the day was presented a plaque and gifts to guests efficacy end this