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Added Date : 29-09-2022

While the protocol of the Women's Hand in Industry Project was signed in the ATSO Service Building with the participation of ATSO Chairman of the Board Cüneyt Göktaş, TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board Vice President Günseli Özen and TOBB Aksaray Women Entrepreneurs Board President Berrin Özan and ATSO Board Member Hasan Demir, the project was signed. It is expected to set an example in Aksaray and the region.

Making a statement regarding the Women's Hand in Industry Project, ATSO President Göktaş said; “We are implementing a new project with our Women Entrepreneurs Board, Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, in our city, which is rapidly growing and taking firm steps towards becoming an industrial city in Turkey. We know that the basic condition of sustainable development is to ensure the participation of women and young people in the economy. The participation of our women in the economy brings about sustainable development. Unfortunately, with the Pandemic, women's employment rates have gone backwards around the world. In Aksaray, which has an important place in women's employment, we must now enable our women to take more part in the business world and make positive discrimination. As Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with our TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board, we have always been by our side and tried to give them the greatest support. With this project, we will carry out new studies and continue to support our women.”

TOBB Aksaray Women Entrepreneurs Board President Berrin Özan made a statement saying, “As Aksaray, we have implemented many projects in our city with our Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Women Entrepreneurs Board. Our President Nurten Öztürk and our Vice President Günseli Özen have always been our biggest supporters. As Aksaray, we are implementing the Women's Hand in Industry Project, which has just begun to spread throughout Turkey. We visit our factories in our Organized Industrial Zone and ask them to make positive discrimination towards women's employment. I wish that the project we have started for Aksaray to be in better places in women's employment will be beneficial.”

TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board Vice President Günseli Özen wishes the project to be beneficial for Aksaray, and continued her statement; “The “Women's Hand in Industry Project”, which we set out with the aim of Increasing Women's Employment in Industry, will bring together women who have received education but are not able to participate in employment, and young people who are graduates of vocational high schools, high schools and continuing their education. As the TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board, the main purpose of the project, which was developed with a working group consisting of women industrialists from different sectors, was to increase the Employment of Women Working in the Industry, in this sense, the "Women's Hand in Industry" project was developed. The project, which started in the pilot province Kütahya as the Project Region, continues in the 2nd province Kocaeli, Düzce, Bolu, İzmir, Sakarya, Yalova, respectively, and Niğde, Manisa, Bursa, Hatay, Aksaray, Diyarbakır, Kastamonu, Çorum, Gaziantep, Kayseri. It is planned to start in our provinces. We are happy to realize the project in Aksaray, which is one of our planned cities today. I congratulate the work of our Chairman of the Board of Women Entrepreneurs, Berrin Özan, in Aksaray, the ancient city of Central Anatolia, which has hosted civilizations, and I wish the project to be beneficial for Aksaray."