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Numeric Takograph



Application will be made at

You can make your application from the desktop computer. Absolutely no transactions can be made from a mobile phone.

• Card Transactions

• TOBB Common Entry Point

• Login with E-Government

• Driver Card Transactions

• New Card Application

• Biometric photo (background is white 3,5cmx4,5cm) and your signature will be uploaded to the system in JPEG format.

• After the transactions are completed, the PAYMENT NO will be obtained and Vakıfbank All Tolls and Vakıfbank Internet Banking (Corporate Payments-Transportation Tachograph Fee) will be deposited.

• When your card reaches our Room, an information message will be sent to your mobile phone and you can get your card from the Room.

Our chamber is one of the authorized chambers that carries out the registration of insurance agents on the plate.

Pursuant to the Insurance Law No. 5684, all insurance agents are obliged to perform the TOBB-Plate Registration Transactions by making their application to the Chamber in the city center they are affiliated with after the trade registry-registration procedures.

All kinds of transactions related to the registration of insurance agents in the TOBB-board are carried out by our Chamber of Commercial Transactions.

You can find the insurance law numbered 5684, the regulation on insurance agents and the sector announcements made by the Undersecretariat of Treasury on the insurance section of www.tobb.org.tr.

In addition, all kinds of information regarding insurance legislation and insurance agents; You can get all kinds of information about insurance trainings from the website of TOBB Insurance Directorate (www.sigorta.org.tr), Undersecretariat of Treasury Insurance and Private Pensions section (www.hazine.gov.tr) and insurance trainings (www.segem.org.tr). can be accessed at.