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President's Message


We will work to bring the flag of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the leading organization of our business world, which we took over in April 2018, to a much better place. We will work together with our approximately 5 thousand members to take our city one step further.


Since Aksaray is located in a city very close to being a Trade Center with its strategic location, we will make good use of this advantage to make it an industrial city and a Trade Center in every field. Together with the administrators of our city who will work on tourism, we will fight to strengthen Aksaray, which is the entrance gate of Cappadocia, in the field of tourism. A new era and a new process await us. We know very well what the expectations are from us and in this sense, we promise success to our members and our city.

Our Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a motto: "We love this city very much." Noting that a period of unity and togetherness awaits us, where there is no separateness, I pray to God that the 2018-2022 period will bring blessings.