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Press and Public Relations


1- To compile and archive the news about Aksaray and Aksaray TSO by reviewing daily newspapers,

2- To prepare news bulletins about the activities of Aksaray TSO and to announce them to the public through the press,

3- Meeting, panel, seminar, press conference etc. organized by Aksaray TSO. to ensure the participation of the written, visual and audio media in the events,

4-To organize the photography works of the meetings and visits organized by Aksaray TSO and to arrange the Chamber album,

5-To provide the articles that are decided to be published so that Aksaray TSO publications can be published regularly, and to correct the articles arranged in the printing house.

6- To ensure that the news about the chamber is published on the chamber website,

7-Preparing the press messages, meeting speeches, Radio and TV speeches of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Speaker of the Assembly.

8-To organize member SMS lists, to keep these lists updated and to send bulk SMS.

9-To perform other duties assigned by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Secretary General.